Here are some answers to commonly asked questions: 

Do I need a business license to operate in your facility? Generallymost businesses will need to have a business license in the city they plan to operate in. If you are operating in or plan to operate in Long Beach a business license is necessary. 

Will I need insurance? Yes, all our tenants need to show proof of insurance (you know accidents can happen). You can go to FLIP for a super basic & affordable insurance plan.


What else will I need to become a tenant at your kitchen? In addition to insurance showing Feel Good Salsa LLC listed as an additional insured, you will need your Food Managers Certificate, and your business license depending on the city you are operating in. We can help you navigate this process when we meet to review your application. 

How long does it take to get up and running/permitted? If you already have the items stated in the question above, getting your health department permit can take a day for a Temporary Food Facility Permit (TFF) or it can take approximately a week for a Shared Kitchen Tenant Health Permit. If you are starting from ground zero the process takes 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly you get the ball rolling. 

Do you require a processing or registration fee? No, we do not charge additional fees for applying or using our facility. We only charge our tenants for kitchen usage by the hour, week or month. This is all discussed when we complete your application/contract. 

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